xM (noun): Get greater insights and better outcomes for your customers and your workforce.

Experience Management (xM) Optimisation

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xM fuses the voice of your customers and employees with the ability to deliver extraordinary customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.

xM shouldn’t sit in the marketing department, the HR Department, the sales department or only be known by the c-suite management. xM should be imbedded throughout an organisation and be a part of every employee’s day no matter what their role.

xM is what brings you

sustainable competitive advantage.

At Optko, we understand that xM is about every customer and employee contact, be it digital, in print or in person. We understand that the experience journey is about each and every interaction they have with you.

xM orchestration is the key to success

Until now, there hasn’t been a single provider that integrates xM planning into every aspect of an organisation’s processes.
We make xM a tangible asset by adopting a holistic and company wide approach to executing a ”Business as Usual” xM plan
Our focus is to transition your xM objectives into reality by engaging across your organisation.

“A successful xM plan only happens when it is defined, implemented and evolved”.

The three key ingredients to successful xM execution

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Insights provide customer intelligence that can’t be obtained anywhere else. Customer truths like motivations, preferences, and beliefs are translated into actionable data points brands use to deliver world-class design and product experiences.

Voice of the Customer

The quote by John Wanamaker “When a customer enters my store, forget me. He is king.” is as relevant today as it was in the 1900’s.

Understanding what the customer wants, how they want it and when they need it is about knowing the customer.

Social media listening, understanding online experiences and tuning into customer sentiment and feedback to include product and brand reviews, and to action these across your business, brings loyal customers.

Voice of the Employee

Employees are your greatest asset. Use them as brand ambassadors. Educate them on CXM.

Each Employee can provide valuable feedback on customers, what customers are saying and what they “hear on the street”. Employee insights help your organisation attract, retain, and provide customer lifetime value.

“Employees are your company’s real competitive advantage. They’re the ones making the magic happen” – Richard Branson.

Transition to better outcomes

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