Is your Business Mentally Fit?

Insights into Company Wide Mental Fitness and Assessment.



Is your business mentally fit?

How your people feel and how your business is performing are intrinsically linked. Healthier people (both physically and mentally) perform better at work, it’s a simple fact.

Looking after employee mental wellbeing is one of the most important steps towards true business success.

At Optko, with our wellbeing and mental fitness partner 87%, we understand the impact that mental health and wellbeing has on business performance. That’s why the team of specialists at 87% created an in-depth assessment that can be completed in 15-20 minutes, providing anonymous, aggregated insights that provide the foundations on which to build a functional wellbeing strategy.

What is the Company Mental Wellbeing Assessment?

The Company Mental Wellbeing Assessment (CMWA) is an online assessment that gives you a snapshot of your employees’ mental wellbeing. We quantify this using a mental fitness score, a seven-point measurement process that delivers clinically valid metrics on all seven dimensions of life:

  • Quality of life – your overall perception of mental wellness.

  • Body – the mind and body are intimately linked. Physical health has a significant impact on mental wellbeing.

  • Emotions – understanding how we think about and describe our feelings.

  • Relationships – how is your social health, and how well connected to other people are you?

  • Work – we spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important to weigh up both the challenges and opportunities of working life.

  • Self-esteem – accepting our strengths and difficulties isn’t easy. Understanding how you relate to yourself is crucial.

  • Growth – how do you learn skills, acquire knowledge and improve your focus?

Employees get a private, personalised report with tailored suggestions on key steps they can take to improve their mental wellbeing. The assessment results of each employee are 100% confidential.

The 87% clinical psychologists then collate the assessment data and produce an anonymous report that provides clear, focused insights into how your employees are coping in their day-to-day life, both at work and at home, and how your business can improve the mental fitness of your workforce.

What are the benefits to the employer using the CMWA?

There are a whole host of benefits that a tailored mental wellbeing strategy brings, both for employer and employee:

  • Studies show that for every $1 invested into mental wellbeing, businesses enjoy a $6 return.

  • Happy employees are far more productive in their working hours. Productive people are profitable employees.

  • Prevent absenteeism (regularly having time off work) and presenteeism (working while unwell, reducing productivity).

  • Use data and metrics coupled with advice from our team of psychologists to make informed, accurate long-term health and wellbeing decisions that will benefit the business and empower your employees.

  • Capture valuable diversity and inclusion data to ensure that you foster an inclusive workplace.

Organisations using the CMWA can make decisions based on data over speculation, resulting in tangible positive improvements to both employee wellbeing and the business’ bottom line. 

Understanding what’s working

Many businesses spend thousands every year on mental wellbeing efforts. However many don’t measure how these programs are working or have any metrics on which to determine if they are successful or not?. Often data from an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider and absenteeism is used to ascertain if employees are “feeling OK”, but this data is unreliable and only measures activity. It doesn’t and can’t measure mental fitness.

Our careful benchmarking process allows businesses to implement appropriately designed wellbeing programs that have a tangible positive impact on the mental fitness of employees across the company. By quantifying results, you can get a true, measured impression of how your employees are coping, and what needs to change across your business, within a department or work team to facilitate improvements.

This CMWA data allows you to shape future mental wellbeing strategies, creating a working environment that is productive, happy, and healthy. Mental wellbeing is an ongoing process and needs to be addressed and reassessed regularly.

Why measure Mental Fitness?

Many businesses struggle to measure the success of their employee wellbeing programs and to determine if the current actions and investments are working. Can you answer “Yes” to the questions “Are your employees happier because of current wellbeing initiatives?” and “Are you seeing an ROI on current wellbeing investments?”. If the answers to either these questions is “No” or “Unsure” then a change to how you approach and measure mental fitness is required.

87% created the CMWA because they found that many businesses did not have a clear understanding if their current wellbeing programs were working. In some cases programs designed to increase staff wellbeing were in fact having a negative impact to employees overall mental health. One example was an employee of the month program which was designed to stimulate teamwork, improve peer respect and increase overall job satisfaction. It was voted on by peers and managers. Analysis showed on several occasions the award was given for reasons other than merit, which lead to resentment amongst staff and a culture of “management grooming”. While unintended, this program led to a competitive culture amongst work colleagues; not greater collaboration; and resulted in an overall determinantal impact to the mental fitness of the business. This caused high staff absenteeism and turnover. The program was eventually stopped, but not after the damage had been done. With measurement, initiatives such as these can be tested before they cause any unplanned negative impacts.

The CMWA can be used as a quick and easy means to measure mental fitness and to provide a benchmark to the employer, so that they can accurately understand how their employees are coping and the general state of wellbeing across the company. 

The bottom line is better mental wellbeing & improved business performance?

Everyone is happier when they are healthy. Healthy people perform better and all employers should be taking strides towards reinforcing proper mental wellbeing strategies among their workforce.

The CMWA can be used by businesses of all sizes and in any industry.

A healthy organisation is productive and profitable. 

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