Optko and WePlan Partner Together to Deliver Optimised Workforce planning solutions.



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1 Feb 2024

Optko is excited to announce its partnership with WePlan Software to bring the best available workforce planning solutions to the APAC region.

WePlan is a leading provider of workforce planning solutions. With a focus on aviation, transport, logistics and healthcare the WePlan software delivers Smart Workforce Planning Solutions that can transform how you manage your workforce.

About Optko

At Optko, our vision is “Enabling organisations to focus on what matters”, driving business optimisation and improvement. With a mission to build long term collaborative relationships with our partners that will enable our customers and their customers to gain measurable results.

Our journey with each of our customers begins with exploration to fully understand your business and set goals and plans to define a clear roadmap for optimisation and improvement. We review processes, look for process improvement and implement the latest technologies to help run, streamline, manage and monitor the operations and outcomes of their business. We Identify and implement optimisation tools to support automation and continuous improvement and then review success, providing ongoing advice on how organisations can achieve their strategic outcomes.

About WePlan

WePlan is a workforce planning tool for tactical planning and analytics that lets you input a wide variety of information and factors into one place to see what your workforce management plan could look like. It doesn’t just let you create one plan, but gives you the option to view different scenarios within seconds and select the option that is most efficient. It’s fast, easy to use and, dare we say, even enjoyable.

We are driven by customer centric design, so that our software is easy to use, easy to configure and rapid to implement.

WePlan saves costs through better planning and is cost efficient to introduce into your company. It’s a win, win.

For more information, visit www.weplan.info