Optko and WorkAxle partner together in Australia to offer Modern Workforce Management Solutions.



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18 March 2024

Optko and WorkAxle are delighted to announce our Australian partnership to bring innovation to workforce management (WFM). Optko and WorkAxle provide the opportunity to drive real-time insights and agility for Australian organisations and their workforces. With innovation around time and geo-fencing using beacon technology, that improves the employee experience through automation.

WorkAxle is a modern and modular enterprise Workforce Management platform that is extensible, futureproof, and quickly deployable at scale. The WorkAxle platform solves the pain of traditional monolithic WFM implementations all while providing a tailored solution for enterprise customer. 

About Optko

At Optko, our vision is “Enabling organisations to focus on what matters”, driving business optimisation and improvement. With a mission to build long term collaborative relationships with our partners that will enable our customers and their customers to gain measurable results.

Our journey with each of our customers begins with exploration to fully understand your business and set goals and plans to define a clear roadmap for optimisation and improvement. We review processes, look for process improvement and implement the latest technologies to help run, streamline, manage and monitor the operations and outcomes of their business. We Identify and implement optimisation tools to support automation and continuous improvement and then review success, providing ongoing advice on how organisations can achieve their strategic outcomes.

About WorkAxle

WorkAxle’s mission is to remove the heaviness and complexity of implementing and maintaining workforce management tools while ensuring a delightful and frictionless user experience.

We are a leading innovator in Workforce Management (WFM) solutions, designed to elevate operational efficiency and employee experiences in complex, multi-location, and highly regulated sectors such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI, NLP, and Beacons (IoT), our platform transforms the way businesses approach and manage their workforce. Available on the SAP® Store, WorkAxle seamlessly integrates with all major HCM and payroll platforms, ensuring a unified and robust solution for today's dynamic workplace needs.

Engineered for mid-market and large enterprises, WorkAxle is more than just a tool—it's a strategic partner in navigating the contemporary challenges of workforce management.

For more information, visit www.workaxle.com