Optko to offer asset management solutions to Australian Emergency Service Agencies



1 min read

6 May 2024

Optko is thrilled to announce our partnership with Hardcat, an Australian software provider, to bring asset management solutions to Australia’s front line and emergency service agencies. The introduction of Hardcat further adds to Optko’s supply chain management capabilities.

Hardcat is a leading provider of software solutions for asset and inventory management. Hardcat enables companies of all sizes to effectively track physical assets of any kind and manage them through-out their entire lifecycle.

Hardcat is already trusted by Australian Law Enforcement Agencies such as Victoria Police, NSW Police, SA Police and WA Police, and Emergency Management Authorities such as CFS and QFES.

Over 2,000 organisations across 120 countries use Hardcat for real-time visibility of all types of assets. including BAE Systems, Boeing, 3M, Shell, Airbus, Siemens, Honda, Toyota, Caterpillar, and Ford.

Optko and Hardcat is uniquely positioned to deliver enterprise-wide asset management solutions to the Emergency Management sector across Australia. Backed by a solid understanding of this industry and with confidence that Hardcat has a proven track record of delivering solutions to Emergency Management Organisations, Optko looks forward to offering Hardcat’s unique solutions, developed in Australia over many decades.

At Optko we seek to empower organisations to optimise their investments and take control of their assets via active planning, having visibility, accountability and traceability throughout their entire lifecycle – thus helping Emergency Management organisations gain certainty when it matters.

To view a interview with an Emergency Service Asset Manager, of what is possible using Hardcat, scan the QR code below or watch the video here.